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Salon Goodness MAY 2024


How to arrive for your next appointment

COLOR GUESTS: I suggest clarifying your hair right before your visit to help remove product build up. Doing so helps you to remember to clarify since you clarify less often than you would shampoo. Looking for a clarifying shampoo? Try Innersense's Detox Hair Mask! Need more info on clarifying? Check out my blog post titled Clarifying 101: Everything you need to know about clarifying


HAIRCUT GUESTS: Returning guest looking for just a trim? Arrive however you like. Returning guests that are thinking of making a change like adding a curtain bang or going shorter? Arrive with your hair styled as you normally would.


CURLY HAIRCUT GUESTS: New and returning curly haircut guests please arrive with your hair down and styled for the best results.  



Baby Reindeer on Netflix

This is a disturbing true story about a man dealing with a female stalker. The show is honestly kind of weird but you can't look away. The main character is actually the real guy called "Baby Reindeer." Bizarre but something to binge!


WHAT WE'RE TALKING ABOUT A tip for those with allergies

If you have severe allergies, shower and wash your hair before you go to bed! It will get the allergens off so that you can rest better. I learned this one as a kid and still do this today.



Evansburg Vineyards

I finally got to Evansburg Vineyards in Collegeville. I'm pleased to say it was super cute and a good time! The wine was even tasty! I don't like sweet wine but they had a good selection of dry. There was live music, tables in the sun and shade, as well as charcuterie boards and small snacks to order. Many of my guests have recommended this to me in the past, so thanks for the tip!

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