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MYTH OR FACT: Color takes better on dirty hair

Today I wanted to shed some light on a common belief I encounter: the idea that color takes better on dirty hair.


If you guessed MYTH - congratulations, you're correct!

The truth is, clean hair is best for optimal color application.

While it might be tempting to believe that color adheres more effectively to unwashed hair, the reality is quite the opposite. Clean hair provides a smooth and even surface for color application, allowing me to achieve the best possible results.

Having said that, I know there are many of you who come in with 3 or 4 day old unwashed hair. If your color is performing and covering the way you like it, no worries at all.

But if you wished your color covered your gray a little better or lasted a little longer, try coming in with clean dry hair! Better yet, use a clarifying shampoo right before your appointment!

By pairing your clarifying shampoo with each appointment, you'll be less likely to forget this important step in your hair care routine.


If you have any questions or concerns about your upcoming appointment, please feel free to reach out to me. I appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we work together to achieve the best possible outcomes for your hair.

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Hope to see you soon!



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