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Going lighter for the spring and summer?

I've had lots of requests for LIGHTER & BRIGHTER hair color recently, which I love and is super common this time of year!


Although I touched on this briefly in my last Salon Goodness post, I wanted to dive into the topic a little further today and give you some helpful info in case you're feeling the brightness itch too!


1. You have so many options!

When it comes to adding brightness or lightening your hair color, the options are almost endless. But whether you're looking for a more traditional highlight that lightens your hair from root to ends or something more natural and blended like a balayage, I have one easy online booking option: Dimensional color.


Once you book your dimensional color appointment, I suggest finding a few hair color pictures you like to show me at your appointment. During your consultation, we'll discuss your inspiration pictures and come up with a plan to get you as close as possible to your hair color goals!


2. Maintenance/upkeep

Keep in mind that lightening your hair color may result in some additional maintenance, like glazes between appointments, to keep your color looking fresh and vibrant throughout the summer. But don't worry, this is something we'll discuss during your consultation at your dimensional color appointment.


3. Aftercare

Depending on your hair's condition, adding some lighter pieces might also mean adding a little extra TLC like moisturizing conditioners and heat protection into your at home hair care routine. Again, this is something we'll discuss during your consultation at your dimensional color appointment and I'll walk you through exactly how to best care for your new color.

Like I mentioned above, if you want to change up your hair color for the season, there are truly so many options!


Whether that's bold and bright or soft and subtle, I'm sure we can find something you'll love that also suits your lifestyle. I'll walk you through the entire process before we begin so you feel comfortable with the change and what might come with it.


Use the buttons below to book your dimensional color appointment (or any other appointment) today!

Hope to see you soon!


XO - Lori

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