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How to properly wash your hair

I want to revisit one of the most fundamental aspects of hair care today - hair washing!


Healthy hair and scalp start with a proper wash routine. So let's get back to the basics with a quick HOW-TO.


1. Thoroughly wet your hair


2. Emulsify the shampoo in your hands and scrub your scalp


-Start with a dime to nickel size amount of shampoo at a time.


- For medium to thick density hair (think big ponytail), it helps to work in sections by splitting the back of your head down the middle to get that commonly missed spot. You can create even more sections if you need to by using clips to make sure you're able to scrub your whole scalp clean.


3. Rinse thoroughly


4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 if needed


-Whether you use a low suds shampoo like Innersense or a luxurious lather shampoo like Olaplex, you should be shampooing at least twice if it's been a few days since your last wash.

I hope this either helps you improve your hair washing routine or reassures that you're doing it right!


If you need a good shampoo recommendation, you can count on me to give you one during your appointment! But in the mean time, I suggest checking out the chart below to find your perfect match.

And if you're still unsure of how to properly wash your hair or would like some styling guidance, I'd love to see you in the salon!


Use the buttons below to book any appointment and have all your hair questions answered.

Hope to see you soon!


XO - Lori

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